SELMA is the Soule-Eberwhite-Liberty-Madison Affiliation


Welcome to SELMA, the Soule-Eberwhite-Liberty-Madison Affiliation. Our neighborhood is a section of the Old West Side of Ann Arbor, Michigan, bordered by Eberwhite Elementary School, Eberwhite Woods, and the Zion Lutheran Church.

SELMA’s goal is to provide a forum for neighbors to come together and exchange information, ideas, goods, and services in order to strengthen our community.  This site serves as a tool toward that end.  If you are looking for the SelmaCafe site for FridayMornings@Selma and such fun, please mosey on over here.

You can register now to have access to the discussion forum (coming soon!), write blog posts, and help co-create this community resource.

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Recent Neighborhood News...

elections season in SELMA

Since the primaries seem to be the deciding elections in most Ann Arbor wards these days, we will pick our next city councilman this Tuesday.  I am hoping this site can be a way we also share our ideas and concerns about our representation on council and in other forums.  I certainly do not wish […]

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missing cat is found

Thanks to Steve Hathaway, who spotted our missing calico cat darting about, the cat has been found and returned home.  Thanks very much!  Leslie.

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Lost calico cat

We lost our calico cat on Wakefield Ave. on Wed., July 15th.  She has a white belly, medium-length fur, and a racoon-stripe tail.  If anyone has seen her, would you please call Leslie Ford or Gregg Crane at 369-2993.  Thanks very much!!!

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