SELMA is the Soule-Eberwhite-Liberty-Madison Affiliation


Through joint purchases, we can access the best that our region has to offer and be efficient in transportation cost and time.  Some of the best sources of local grass fed beef, pastured pork and other livestock only sell by the side or whole animal.  Some of the local sources of produce, raw milk, organic orchards do not deliver to Ann Arbor, or must be picked up at specific times.  By working together, we can access these local delicacies.

Some specific ideas:

  • Raw milk: Tantre Farm milk is currently being delivered to the neighborhood weekly.  Milk is only available to those who sign up for a “cow share” (presently sold out as of 1-11-09).  Contact Deb at Tantre to get info on shares and transportation.  Raw milk, other dairy products, pastured meats and many other products are also available from Family Farms Cooperative.  They deliver to Ann Arbor once a week, Fridays 10 to noon, at the co-housing complex on the west side of town.  Sharing pick ups could make this an option for many of us.
  • Organic orchards: Almar Orchard is located in Flushing, MI about an hour and fifteen minutes north.  They are 100% organic and have apples, cider, hard cider,fruit wines, pork, eggs and many other products.  I will be getting organic berkshire pigs from them for meat curing and can pick up other products at the same time.
  • Happy meats: Berkshire pigs from Almar as mentioned above.  Tamworth pigs, pastured chickens and turkeys from Back Forty Acres.  Belted Highland cows (grass fed) from Coverdale Farms.  These are just a few of the possibilities for purchasing quarters, sides or whole animals jointly.  Email your desired cuts and quantities and we can get an animal when it adds up.  We have a large freezer, so can make up a bit of the difference if needed.

(please add other sources you know of or products you would like to be able to purchase jointly)

Neighborhood Commerce – In addition to items we can import from our immediate surroundings, several households in the ‘hood are producing commestibles.  For instance:

  • Jeremy and Aubry Lopatin run Arbor Tea from their basement.  Over 100 varieties of organic tea from around the world delivered right to you door.
  • Jeff McCabe has started the SELMA self-serve neighborhood commerce center in front of his home at 722 Soule.  Bread, eggs and firewood are available daily.  The center is open to any and all in the neighborhood who would like to make their items available.
  • There are rumors of maple syrup, cured meats and salad greens on the horizon.  Stay tuned.  What would you like to supply?